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Posted: 06/16/05 05:48 PM
Author: finylvinyl
Location: Weyburn,SK,Canada
Posts: 10


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80's Vinyl
I currently have in stock over 100,000 vinyl records,mostly Canadian pressings spanning the 50s to the 00s. All(and I do mean all!) kinds of music here,but 60s to 80s rock,pop & country LPs & 45s and 70s to 00s 12"singles,along with Rolling Stones memorabilia are specialties. I also have lots of contacts throughout Canada & lots of untouched stock,so please do send a wantlist & I'll do my best to track your items down. Right now there are 26,000+ items in my online catalog,which you can browse and securely order from at either www.finylvinylrecords.com or http://finylvinylrecords.musicstack.com I also handle bulk lots of 45s from 25 cents each & bulk lots of LPs from 50 cents each. Please email for info on these great deals. I'm always looking to buy large vinyl collections,though I'm only interested in items located in Canada. I'm NOT INTERESTED in acquiring any more easy listening,polka or old time,religious or classical vinyl. Nor am I interested in 78s,but I'd love to buy more LPs,12" and 45s. Thanks for your time,hope to hear from you soon.

Roberta Brokenshire
Finyl Vinyl Records
224 8th St.
S4H 1E2

[email protected]
P/F 306-848-0692
www.finylvinylrecords.com (Credit Cards,US Cash,MO's accepted)
http://finylvinylrecords.musicstack.com (Paypal,US or CDN cash,MO's accepted)

Posted: 06/17/05 11:25 AM
Author: Peter
Location: Ontario
Posts: 51


80's Vinyl
Hi Roberta: I have a lot of 45's I was just going to throw out. I might have some obscure ones you could be looking for. I live in Ontario so there is an assortment of Canadian stuff as well. The vinyl records span from mid-6o's to early 90's when they discontinued 45's. One rarity is "She's not gonna come to you" by Gus ca 1980. Also the only album put out by Nucleus.
Posted: 07/05/05 10:50 PM
Author: dagger
Location: Toronto
Posts: 1


80's Vinyl
Hi Peter,

I'm Looking for Obscure new wave 45's. Do you have a store in Ontario? I live somewhere in Toronto. Thanks

Posted: 07/21/05 07:27 PM
Author: Peter
Location: Ontario
Posts: 51


80's Vinyl
Reply to dagger - I'm not sure how many "new wave" 45's I have but I'll look. The only thing that comes to mind is "Drugs in my Pocket" by the Monks, some M + M stuff and Platinum Blonde. But there's more - I just gotta look.

Aaron From OHWC
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