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Posted: 04/27/09 08:37 PM
Author: Rampart77
Location: The south
Posts: 11


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song help don't know name or band
I have no clue who sings it I know it is a guy and the song sounds a little punkish/alternative rock and I think it say "your a blank,I'm a jerk". Please can someone help.

Posted: 05/15/09 02:05 PM
Author: musiclovr89
Location: California
Posts: 29


song help don't know name or band
lol. no clue. much luck
Posted: 08/28/09 01:23 PM
Author: BeataBlueBell
Location: Canada
Posts: 19


song help don't know name or band
i think we'd need to know more to identify the song. i know alot of punk/alt/rock and this one beats me..anything would help..what voice sounds like.. what blank is(dont have to write it all out but a clue would do) and where did you hear it?
Posted: 02/21/10 05:20 AM
Author: janetmay
Location: ca
Posts: 3


song help don't know name or band
Just trying to Google, good luck.

Alibris Cuopon
Posted: 09/27/10 08:44 AM
Author: lincc299
Location: alkfuoeiu
Posts: 18


song help don't know name or band
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